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$10 Flat rate is for standard shipping (4 to 8 business days) and is for items posted within Australia Only. NOTE: This rate does not include bulk/heavy products. Bulk/heavy products will be charged at the applicable rate via a courier.

Orders over $120 qualify for free shipping within Australia provided that they are not bulk or heavy items.

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Get ready to learn the lingo of the land Down Under with our Aussie Slang "Bible" - The Straya Slang Survival Guide. Hold onto your thongs, and dive headfirst into the Aussie Slang - Cheers mates!

Arvo - Afternoon. "Let's catch up in the arvo for a chinwag."

Aussie Rules - Australian Rules Football. "Let's go down to the park and play some Aussie Rules"

Avo - Avocado. "Put some avo on my toast, please."

Banana bender - A person from Queensland. "I'm a proud banana bender."

Barbie - A barbecue for cooking food outdoors. "Let's fire up the barbie for some snags."

Billy - A campfire kettle. "Boil the billy for a cup of tea."

Bikkie - Biscuit (cookie). "I'll have a cuppa with a bikkie."

Bloke - A man or a guy. "He's a decent bloke, that one."

Bogan - Slang for a person whose speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour are considered unrefined or unsophisticated. . "Those bogans at the pub were causing a ruckus."

Bottle-O - Liquor store. "We need to stop by the bottle-o for drinks."

Brekky - Breakfast. "I always have brekky before work."

Brickie - Bricklayer. "The brickie is building a new wall."

Bundy - Bundaberg Rum, a popular bogan bevergage. "Pass me a Bundy and cola, mate."

Cane toad - An invasive pest to Australia, or also the mascot for the Queensland's Team for State of Origin .

Cark it - To die or stop working. "My old car finally carked it."

Chinwag - A chat or conversation. "We had a good chinwag at the pub."

Chuck a Sickie - Take a sick day from work when not actually sick. "I might chuck a sickie and go to the beach."

Chuck a U-ey- Make a U-turn. "I missed the turn, so I had to chuck a U-ey."

Cockie - A farmer. "The cockie grows crops on his farm."

Coppers - Police officers. "The coppers are patrolling the streets."

Cuppa - A cup of tea or coffee. "You wanna cuppa mate?"

Dag - A bit of a goof. "He's a real dag, always cracking jokes."

Daks - Trousers (pants). "These new trakky daks are comfy as!"

Dill - A silly person. "Don't be a dill; it's easy to fix."

Dinky-di - Genuine or authentic. "He's a dinky-di Aussie, born and bred."

Dog's breakfast - An absolute mess. "The room looks like a dog's breakfast."

Drongo - Foolish person. "Don't be a drongo; it's an easy fix."

Dry as a dead dingo's donger - Thirsty. "I need a drink; I'm dry as a dead dingo's donger."

Eftpos - Electronic funds transfer. "You can pay by Eftpos or cash."

Esky - A portable cooler used to keep drinks cold. "Load up the esky with ice and beers."

Fair dinkum - Real or genuine. "That's a fair dinkum Aussie accent."

Fair suck of the sauce bottle - Be fair.

Freo - Fremantle, a city in Western Australia. "I'm visiting relatives in Freo next weekend."

Full as a goog - Very full. "I ate so much, I'm full as a goog."

G'day - A friendly way to say hello. "G'day, mate! How's it goin'?"

Galah - Foolish person. "Don't be a galah; think before you act."

Goon bag - Cheap boxed wine. "We'll grab a goon bag for the party."

Grog - Alcohol. "Make sure you bring a bottle of grog to the party."

Hard yakka - Tough work. "It's been hard yakka on the construction site."

Happy as Larry - Very happy. "She's happy as Larry after her promotion."

Happy as a pig in mud - Very content. "Relaxing by the beach makes me happy as a pig in mud."

How's it hangin'? - Another casual way to ask how someone is. "How's it hangin', mate?"

How ya goin'? - An informal way to ask how someone is doing. "Hey there, how ya goin'?"

Larrikin - A mischievous person. "He's a bit of a larrikin, always up to something."

Like a stunned mullet - Confused or shocked. "He looked like a stunned mullet when he heard the news."

Mad as a cut snake - Crazy. "That bloke is as mad as a cut snake."

Mates Rates - A discounted price for friends. "Don't worry, you get mates rates on this job."

Middy - A medium-sized beer glass. "I'll have a middy of pale ale, thanks."

Moolah - Money. "I'm short on moolah this week."

Mozzie - Mosquito. "The mozzies are out in full force."

No worries - A laid-back way of saying "You're welcome" or "It's all good." - "Thanks for the help. No worries, mate!"

On the piss - Drinking alcohol. "We're going to get on the piss at the pub tonight."

Platypus - A unique, egg-laying mammal.

Prezzy - Present or gift. "I've got a prezzy for your birthday."

Ripper - Fantastic, great. "That was a ripper of a party!"

Roo - Kangaroo. "We saw a mob of roos in the bush."

Runners - Sneakers or trainers. "I need new runners for jogging."

Sanga - Sandwich. "I'm having a sausage sanga for lunch."

Schooner - A beer glass size. "I'll have a schooner of XXXX."

Shark biscuit - A cheap surfboard made from foam, not fibreglass or a person who is new to surfing. "Keep an eye out on Bob, he's something of a shark biscuit."

Shout - Buy a round of drinks. "It's my shout tonight, mate!"

Skull - Drink quickly. "He can skull a beer in seconds."

Slab - A carton of beer. "Let's grab a slab for the weekend."

Sook - Whiner or complainer. "Stop being such a sook."

Sparkie - Electrician. "The sparkie installed new light switches."

Spewin' - Angry or upset. "He's spewin' about losing the game."

Spit the dummy - Get upset. "He spat the dummy when he lost the game."

Stoked - Super happy or excited. "I'm stoked about the concert tonight!"

Stone the crows! - An expression of surprise. "Stone the crows! I can't believe it!"

Strewth - Exclamation of surprise. "Struth, I can't believe I won the lotto!"

Stubby - A short beer bottle. "I'll grab you a stubby from the esky."

Sunnies - Sunglasses. "Don't forget your sunnies when going to the beach."

Swag - Bedroll for camping. "I'm taking my swag camping this weekend."

Swagman - A traveling worker. "The swagman is looking for odd jobs."

Tinny - A can of beer or a small aluminum boat. "Crack open a tinny, mate!" (reference to beer can).

Thongs - Casual footwear, also known as flip-flops. "I'll wear my thongs to the beach."

Togs - Swimsuit. "Grab your togs; we're hitting the beach."

Tradie - Tradesperson. "The tradie is coming to fix our leaking roof."

True Blue - Genuine or authentic. "He's a true-blue Aussie, through and through."

Tucker - Food. "I'm starving; let's grab some tucker."

Ute - Utility vehicle (pickup truck). "Load up the ute for a fishing trip."

Vegemite - Iconic Aussie spread.

Waltzing Matilda - Popular Aussie song.

Wombat - A chubby, burrowing marsupial.

Woop Woop - A remote or faraway place. "He lives out in the middle of Woop Woop."

Yarn - Chat or story. "He told me a great yarn about his travels."

You little ripper! - You're amazing! "You aced the test? You little ripper!"

Zonked - Exhausted, tired. "I'm absolutely zonked after the hike."